Brown Swiss

Small in number, but big on quality, these Brown Swiss were acquired because of their strong maternal lines and deep pedigrees. We are proud to own these cows and look forward to their continued development.


Legendary bloodlines don’t just happen. They are developed over time, attracting attention and instilling confidence through generations of offspring. The cows within these bloodlines are the next generation of legends at Arethusa Farm. Their dams started off as the foundation of our future, but now it’s the daughters turn to build their own legendary brand. These successful cow families make the days of hard work worth it each and every day.


In our industry, many cows reach “legendary status” and become household names. But only a rare few are able to transmit their superior traits. We have been blessed to work with Veronica and develop her offspring on a daily basis. Her daughters, granddaughters and even great-granddaughters now are garnering their own awards. We are proud and honored to work with Veronica and take pleasure in watching her impact the Jersey breed for generations to come.