Ernest-Anthony Acoustic EX-94 2E

Goldwyn Daughter of Aphrodiate
(Goldwyn x Ernest-Anthony Aphrodiate-ET EX-95 2E x Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96 2E DOM GMD 16* x EX-92 2E DOM x VG-86)

Acoustic’s Dam Ernest-Anthony Aphrodiate-ET EX-95 2E

  • Member of All-American Produce of Dam 2009
  • Member of All-American Senior Best 3 Females 2009
  • Member of Unanimous All-American Senior Best 3 Females 2007
  • Member of Reserve All-American Produce of Dam 2007
  • Member of 1st Place Senior Best 3 Females – with Ambrosia and Vivian International Holstein WDE 2007!